Nerf Gun Birthday Party

If you’ve read my previous posts, you’d know that I was planning an epic birthday party for my 8 year old son. A Nerf Gun War Party. It was a perfect birthday party, affordable and a huge success. All the boys had a blast. I even heard a boy say it was the best birthday party he has ever been to. If you want to know how I planned the unltimate 8 year old birthday party, keep reading.

We turned the backyard into a war zone. I first started collecting wood palettes. Sean works in a building shared with a kitchen remodeling company. They have things delivered on wood palettes all the time and then dump them in the trash room. Sean asked the guy if he could take some and he didn’t care. And just like that, we got 7 wood palettes. That was easy.

Next, I started to collect boxes. I took about 7-8 boxes (depending on the size) and taped them together with a large roll of duct tape. Then I spray painted them with camo spray paint that I got from here. I used the dark brown and dark green color. 

The hardest thing to get were the tires. I tried going to the recycling center, but they wouldn’t let me take any. I got lucky. I found 4 tires in a parking lot next to a dumpster. You’d think I found gold. I threw them in my trunk without a care in the world. I snapped a picture of the tires in my trunk saying I could use more and a friend of mine said he could get me more from his work. He works at a Lexus dealership. When I got to his work, we went around back of the service center and there was a huge mountain of tires. It was tire galore. I suggest calling a dealership for tires. They pay to have them recycled so I’m sure they won’t mind a few missing. 

I added in an army crawl obstacle. I got the ground sticks from walmart for like 70 cents each and used balloon string. Nothing special. The boys didn’t care for it. It was mainly for show. 

On the battle field, I had 2 baskets from the dollar store filled with ammo. I got 400 nerf darts from here

I got orange cones from here and target spots from here. That’s it for the outside. The boys loved it. 

I went easy on the inside and kept food simple. We got pizza from Little Cesar’s. Got cheese balls, Doritos and Gatorade from Walmart. And we got cake and brownies from Sam’s Club. Simple and cheap. 

I decorated the table with army men Jayden already had. Table cloth came from here and plates/silverware came from the Dollar Store. 

When boys arrived for the party, I had them “Gear Up”. We used Camo face paint and bandanas. We were going to have 2 teams. Red team and the blue team, but we decided to just let the boys do their own thing. They all chose Camouflage anyway 😉

Goodie bags were simple and sweet. I filled brown paper bags with candy, a pencil and a glow in the dark bracelet. 

We had about 10 boys here out of the 15 invited and it was by far the best birthday party a boy could ask for. 


Calm Before the Storm

Now this is what I call a hot bath. 

Last evening, we learned that our water heaters power tripped. We just needed to push a tiny little button to reset it. I guess these are what you call ‘homeowner problems’. We’re learning. This is our first HOUSE. Before this, we lived in a condo and before that apartments. Many, many apartments. Before that, it was my parents problem.

Some say we were brave to have our first home as a brand new home. Built from the ground up just for us. A lot of issues come with newly built houses evidently. After being here for 6 months, we’ve had a few tedious issues. Nothing crazy, yet. But I am loving the extra space and trying to embrace the challenges we come across as homeowners. 

For instance, the yard. Our grass has been dying and we have a weird fungus growing in our shrub garden that will shoot a sticky residue 20 feet up and it’ll get on the house, cars and will get worse if left untreated. I’m trying to find the joy in resolving these issues. I water the grass most evenings and I use that as “me” time. And I get to dig up the shrub garden and make it better which is something I’ve wanted to do since spring. See, I’m being optimistic 🙂

Since moving into a bigger place, I’m enjoying the parties I get to host now. Our first party we had here was Romans first birthday party. I was so stressed with it being his first birthday and throwing our first party in our new home. I promised myself I would never stress over a party like that again. 

Our second party was a St. Patrick’s Day party. We tried to make it kid friendly, but Jayden was with his dad and a few people didn’t show up. So it was more of a party for the adults. It was fun. I didn’t stress. The decorations were amazing. The food was delicious. St. Patrick’s Day parties are hands down much easier to throw than 1st birthday parties.

Our third party was just recent. Sean and I are big into The Vikings History show so we thought it would be awesome to throw a Viking party. That too was a success. The food and decor was legit. Expensive! But perfect for a Viking theme. We dressed up, drank Mead, ate venison, and played Viking games while playing music from The Viking soundtrack. 

Tomorrow is Jaydens 8th birthday party. I’ve invited 15 boys to my house for a nerf gun palooza. The backyard will be set up like a war zone for the boys to go wild. We’ll keep the food simple. Pizza, chips, and Gatorade. I didn’t even go crazy about the cake. I plan to pick one up at Sam’s Club in the morning along with a tub of brownies and a bag of ice. 

Sean thinks I’ll spend the entire morning stressed out. I’ll prove him wrong. Everything is pretty much ready to go. It just needs to be carried up the backyard steps and into the yard. He’ll be at work till noon anyway. Party starts at 2. He’s suppose to pick up the pizza before he comes home. I think I’ll start setting up the backyard at noon after I put Roman down for his nap. That way I won’t have to worry about the neighbor boys coming over way early before the party and I’ll have a head start before Sean gets home. I have a feeling he’s going to throw in a few suggestions, which is fine, but I have a vision. 

Anyway, that’s all for now. Until next time ✌🏻

P.s. Let me know if you’re interested in knowing more about the parties. I’ll blog details and more photos of each party if anyone’s interested. I may just go ahead and do that sometime without anyone interested. Just asking 🙂 good night 🌙