Nerf Gun Birthday Party

If you’ve read my previous posts, you’d know that I was planning an epic birthday party for my 8 year old son. A Nerf Gun War Party. It was a perfect birthday party, affordable and a huge success. All the boys had a blast. I even heard a boy say it was the best birthday party he has ever been to. If you want to know how I planned the unltimate 8 year old birthday party, keep reading.

We turned the backyard into a war zone. I first started collecting wood palettes. Sean works in a building shared with a kitchen remodeling company. They have things delivered on wood palettes all the time and then dump them in the trash room. Sean asked the guy if he could take some and he didn’t care. And just like that, we got 7 wood palettes. That was easy.

Next, I started to collect boxes. I took about 7-8 boxes (depending on the size) and taped them together with a large roll of duct tape. Then I spray painted them with camo spray paint that I got from here. I used the dark brown and dark green color. 

The hardest thing to get were the tires. I tried going to the recycling center, but they wouldn’t let me take any. I got lucky. I found 4 tires in a parking lot next to a dumpster. You’d think I found gold. I threw them in my trunk without a care in the world. I snapped a picture of the tires in my trunk saying I could use more and a friend of mine said he could get me more from his work. He works at a Lexus dealership. When I got to his work, we went around back of the service center and there was a huge mountain of tires. It was tire galore. I suggest calling a dealership for tires. They pay to have them recycled so I’m sure they won’t mind a few missing. 

I added in an army crawl obstacle. I got the ground sticks from walmart for like 70 cents each and used balloon string. Nothing special. The boys didn’t care for it. It was mainly for show. 

On the battle field, I had 2 baskets from the dollar store filled with ammo. I got 400 nerf darts from here

I got orange cones from here and target spots from here. That’s it for the outside. The boys loved it. 

I went easy on the inside and kept food simple. We got pizza from Little Cesar’s. Got cheese balls, Doritos and Gatorade from Walmart. And we got cake and brownies from Sam’s Club. Simple and cheap. 

I decorated the table with army men Jayden already had. Table cloth came from here and plates/silverware came from the Dollar Store. 

When boys arrived for the party, I had them “Gear Up”. We used Camo face paint and bandanas. We were going to have 2 teams. Red team and the blue team, but we decided to just let the boys do their own thing. They all chose Camouflage anyway 😉

Goodie bags were simple and sweet. I filled brown paper bags with candy, a pencil and a glow in the dark bracelet. 

We had about 10 boys here out of the 15 invited and it was by far the best birthday party a boy could ask for. 


Calm Before the Storm

Now this is what I call a hot bath. 

Last evening, we learned that our water heaters power tripped. We just needed to push a tiny little button to reset it. I guess these are what you call ‘homeowner problems’. We’re learning. This is our first HOUSE. Before this, we lived in a condo and before that apartments. Many, many apartments. Before that, it was my parents problem.

Some say we were brave to have our first home as a brand new home. Built from the ground up just for us. A lot of issues come with newly built houses evidently. After being here for 6 months, we’ve had a few tedious issues. Nothing crazy, yet. But I am loving the extra space and trying to embrace the challenges we come across as homeowners. 

For instance, the yard. Our grass has been dying and we have a weird fungus growing in our shrub garden that will shoot a sticky residue 20 feet up and it’ll get on the house, cars and will get worse if left untreated. I’m trying to find the joy in resolving these issues. I water the grass most evenings and I use that as “me” time. And I get to dig up the shrub garden and make it better which is something I’ve wanted to do since spring. See, I’m being optimistic 🙂

Since moving into a bigger place, I’m enjoying the parties I get to host now. Our first party we had here was Romans first birthday party. I was so stressed with it being his first birthday and throwing our first party in our new home. I promised myself I would never stress over a party like that again. 

Our second party was a St. Patrick’s Day party. We tried to make it kid friendly, but Jayden was with his dad and a few people didn’t show up. So it was more of a party for the adults. It was fun. I didn’t stress. The decorations were amazing. The food was delicious. St. Patrick’s Day parties are hands down much easier to throw than 1st birthday parties.

Our third party was just recent. Sean and I are big into The Vikings History show so we thought it would be awesome to throw a Viking party. That too was a success. The food and decor was legit. Expensive! But perfect for a Viking theme. We dressed up, drank Mead, ate venison, and played Viking games while playing music from The Viking soundtrack. 

Tomorrow is Jaydens 8th birthday party. I’ve invited 15 boys to my house for a nerf gun palooza. The backyard will be set up like a war zone for the boys to go wild. We’ll keep the food simple. Pizza, chips, and Gatorade. I didn’t even go crazy about the cake. I plan to pick one up at Sam’s Club in the morning along with a tub of brownies and a bag of ice. 

Sean thinks I’ll spend the entire morning stressed out. I’ll prove him wrong. Everything is pretty much ready to go. It just needs to be carried up the backyard steps and into the yard. He’ll be at work till noon anyway. Party starts at 2. He’s suppose to pick up the pizza before he comes home. I think I’ll start setting up the backyard at noon after I put Roman down for his nap. That way I won’t have to worry about the neighbor boys coming over way early before the party and I’ll have a head start before Sean gets home. I have a feeling he’s going to throw in a few suggestions, which is fine, but I have a vision. 

Anyway, that’s all for now. Until next time ✌🏻

P.s. Let me know if you’re interested in knowing more about the parties. I’ll blog details and more photos of each party if anyone’s interested. I may just go ahead and do that sometime without anyone interested. Just asking 🙂 good night 🌙 


Cold as ice

Today was difficult. Not busy difficult. Just difficult. It’s that preckness leading to that time of month for me so I’ve been fatigue, cranky, and just out of it the last few days. 

I HAD to start back on my diet. I’ve really let myself go these last 2 months. I haven’t been watching my diet and stopped doing my fasted cardio in the mornings. And I love dessert and pizza so you can amagine the amount of unwanted flab I’ve put on in 2 months from that kind of eating habit. 

Today I received my athletic band kit I ordered Saturday. I told myself when that arrived, I would buckle back and get serious again. I was expecting my package to arrive Thursday, so when it arrived this afternoon, I had to give up bad habits unexpectedly. Boo hoo! 

I completed my Day 1 band workout. I did shoulders and core. It took about 45 minutes to complete and it kicked my ass. So far, I like the program. It’s new and something I haven’t done before. I like that in a workout routine. Keeps me motivated. 

I had a tuna sandwich for lunch. Just tuna on wheat with spicy mustard. Dinner I made chicken breast topped with diced tomatoes and organic black beans. I wasn’t a fan of the consistency of the chicken so a dab of A1 helped me choke it down. A1 has 2g of sugar in 1 tablespoon so it wasn’t sabotage. Breakfast was 2 bowls of Honey Nut Cheerios. That was before my bands arrived. 

Tonight, the kitchen got cleaned, baby went to bed on time, I finally found out where a mystery couple lives in our neighborhood, and I’m not too tired to take a bath in my luxury tub I rarely get to use. I guess today wasn’t too difficult after all. I made myself some bedtime tea to take up and enjoy while I bathe. It usually takes time for the tub to fill up with water, so I figured I’d wait for it to fill while my phone charges a bit, that way I can watch this Hulu show I’ve been into lately (This Is Us, if anyone reading was wondering). 

Phone is at 23%. Good enough. Phone, check. Bath salt, check. Tea next to tub, check. Time to relax……. remember how I mentioned the kitchen got cleaned? Yea, I started the dishwasher. My bath water is cold as ice. At least I have hot tea. 

Note to self: don’t turn on dishwasher before taking a bath. 

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Time Out

I started this blog on a whim. I’ve always wanted to start a blog but I was too obsessed with how it looked that I never wrote anything. I was told to not be perfect and just write. So that is what I am doing. I don’t know if anyone is going to read this, but I do know someone will relate because I’ll mostly write about motherhood. Every mom out there can relate to every motherhood struggle. Its real!

My 1 and a half year old just whacked me with a balloon over and over, tried to put a blanket over my head and unexpectedly threw a Little Peoples toy at my temple. “Is my kid trying to kill me”, crossed my mind once. And No, I don’t let him get away with throwing and hitting me like that. He got a 1.5 minute timeout. Surprisingly, he takes timeouts very well. He stays in his time out stop and doesn’t try to get up once until I come over, squat down to eye level and tell him why hes in time out and what hes going to do differently. He gives me a hug and kiss afterwards and I’ll wipe away his tears. Then he’ll carry on as if nothing happened.

I don’t expect him to stop throwing and hitting after time out? He’s a toddler. Matter of fact, I bet he’ll throw a toy at me as soon as I’m done typing this blog post. Oh look, he dumped all of his toys out of his bin and tried to place the bin in my lap. I’m shocked he didn’t try to throw it at my head. He’ll be back to do it again.

My living room is a disaster with toys all over the floor since the toy bin is in the hands of my toddler. Now, hes putting all the toys back in the bin. Good boy! Oh, wait! He’s dumping them out again. I guess its a little game of his.

I’d like to take him to the park today so I can get him out of the house, but its suppose to be 95 degrees today. 88 degrees is my outside limit unless we need to run errands. I like running errands. It gets us out of the house. My kids do great in the car and my youngest likes the attention he gets from strangers. Every time we go somewhere, there is always someone pointing out how cute he is.

He just threw a block at the fire place that has a screen in front of it. It made a unfamiliar noise and scared him. I don’t think he’ll do that again.

He doesn’t like noise. Strange loud noises freak him out. There’s this big space ship toy car thing up in the play room. Its Jaydens toy but roman will play with it. He use to push it around like a walker when he was learning how to walk. When it’s turned on, it makes a terrible loud noise. It’s the loudest toy in the house, thus is why its rarely turned on. Anyway, I turned it on yesterday and he goes to push a button and it made this loud explosion noise. He jumped 5 feet back and out of his skin, he was so scared. He cried, jumped in my arms and down the stairs we went to get as far away from that thing as possible.

I just yelled at him for throwing wooden blocks in the kitchen. He looks at me with his fingers in his mouth, big bright eyes and gives me a little smile. I know he understands what I’m saying. He can find the Little Peoples girl and put her in the school bus when I ask, but when I ask him to stop throwing, he hears a different language. Like, when I tell him to stop hitting, that hurts. He hears, keeping doing it, that tickles.

That’s all for now. Boy is trying to ride his bike on the couch.

The Boys

Happy Birthday

This Saturday we’re celebrating my oldest sons birthday. He’s at the beach with his dad for the week. I miss him! Its only been 2 days, but I still miss him. 8 years ago, I gave birth to him and I’m not with him on this day. Missing him is understandable.

Funny thing, I was talking to his dad the other day when he picked him up to go fishing with his cub scouts. I asked if he got the address to the pavilion and he said he did but wondered if it was walking distance from the entrance. I didn’t know because I’ve never been to the place. He said, “Yes you have! We went there when Jayden was 1 years old. They had a kid event with a live band and he had his first hamburger.” I was so confused. I don’t know how he could remember all of that with detail but I couldn’t remember a single thing. For a moment, I thought he had me confused with someone else. How could I not remember anything about that day but I can remember every single detail of the day I gave birth 8 years ago.

July 8, 2009… It was a hot day and I was huge. Nothing fit anymore. The bottom part of my belly was always exposed. I was feeling a tremendous amount of pressure that day, so I took it easy, ate dinner and watched some TV. I was keeping track every time I felt tightness and it was sporadic. I thought maybe these where Braxton Hicks and not contractions. Since I wasn’t sure, I called my mom. She and my family were on vacation. They were coming back home the next morning. She told me to take it easy and to keep timing. If they get more consistent then to call the doctor. I went to bed and slept terrible from the amount of pressure I was feeling. It was early when I got up and realized the tightness and pressure became more consistent. I timed 8 seconds long, 4 minutes apart. These were contractions. We put our bags in the car and were off to the hospital.

Everything went by so fast. I was checked in, admitted and examined in a flash. Before I knew it, I was given the epidural and quickly became 7 centimeters dilated. My family were on their way back, but there was traffic. I was ok with that because I didn’t want them in the room anyway while I was pushing and didn’t know how to tell them that without hurting anyone’s feelings.

It was time to get things started. I pushed a few times and I definitely remember taking a shit on the table. My doctor didn’t tell me, I could smell it. I was so embarrassed and instantly regretted eating whatever I had for dinner the night before, but the show must go on. At 3:35pm, Jayden was born and placed on top of my belly. His entire body was a slight purple and he felt warm and wet. He was crying loudly but it was so soft to hear. I said hi and kissed his head while his dad cut the cord. The nurse took him to suction the fluid from his mouth and nose, then wrapped him in a blanket and gave him back to me. I held him and studied his perfect face. I loved him instantly.

It was time to feed him shortly after delivery. I chose to bottle feed. I wasn’t educated about the benefits of breast milk at the time. I was 20 years old and no one told me it was best for my baby. I didn’t even consider it. I do wish I would have at least tried.

8 years later, so much has changed of course. Jayden is going into 3rd grade. He’s an awesome big brother and has 2 dads in his life. I know he is having a blast at the beach right now. He loves the pool, going in the ocean and playing put put golf. When he comes back home at the end of the week, we will celebrate and have the best birthday party an 8 year old could ever ask for.