Cold as ice

Today was difficult. Not busy difficult. Just difficult. It’s that preckness leading to that time of month for me so I’ve been fatigue, cranky, and just out of it the last few days. 

I HAD to start back on my diet. I’ve really let myself go these last 2 months. I haven’t been watching my diet and stopped doing my fasted cardio in the mornings. And I love dessert and pizza so you can amagine the amount of unwanted flab I’ve put on in 2 months from that kind of eating habit. 

Today I received my athletic band kit I ordered Saturday. I told myself when that arrived, I would buckle back and get serious again. I was expecting my package to arrive Thursday, so when it arrived this afternoon, I had to give up bad habits unexpectedly. Boo hoo! 

I completed my Day 1 band workout. I did shoulders and core. It took about 45 minutes to complete and it kicked my ass. So far, I like the program. It’s new and something I haven’t done before. I like that in a workout routine. Keeps me motivated. 

I had a tuna sandwich for lunch. Just tuna on wheat with spicy mustard. Dinner I made chicken breast topped with diced tomatoes and organic black beans. I wasn’t a fan of the consistency of the chicken so a dab of A1 helped me choke it down. A1 has 2g of sugar in 1 tablespoon so it wasn’t sabotage. Breakfast was 2 bowls of Honey Nut Cheerios. That was before my bands arrived. 

Tonight, the kitchen got cleaned, baby went to bed on time, I finally found out where a mystery couple lives in our neighborhood, and I’m not too tired to take a bath in my luxury tub I rarely get to use. I guess today wasn’t too difficult after all. I made myself some bedtime tea to take up and enjoy while I bathe. It usually takes time for the tub to fill up with water, so I figured I’d wait for it to fill while my phone charges a bit, that way I can watch this Hulu show I’ve been into lately (This Is Us, if anyone reading was wondering). 

Phone is at 23%. Good enough. Phone, check. Bath salt, check. Tea next to tub, check. Time to relax……. remember how I mentioned the kitchen got cleaned? Yea, I started the dishwasher. My bath water is cold as ice. At least I have hot tea. 

Note to self: don’t turn on dishwasher before taking a bath. 


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